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Born in Lisbon in 1975, Sandra currently lives in Vila França de Xira, where she is inspired by the beauty of the Tagus landscape.

Creator and Author of the National Brand Method (Holistic Belt®).

Degree in Human Motricity, with advanced training in Clinical Psychomotricity, Clinical Massage Therapist and Naturopath. International Children. ( Massage Instructor).

Pilates, Yoga and Holistic Belt ®️ teacher. Body and Mind Trainer and Personal Trainer. 

Exercise Physiologist (ACSM - American College of Sports Medicine), specialized in Personalized Training (ACSM) and graduated in Postural Education, Pilates and Special Population (Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, children, pregnant women, elderly, etc).


Trainer. It develops programs, ideas and concepts about health, well-being and fitness, aimed at individual learning, self-discovery, self-esteem, physical and psychic personal growth.

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Sandra Bonito

Training Physiologist, Clinical Psychomotrician, Natural Therapist and Trainer

I believe

"I believe, that all human beings have within them a unique force, a unique energy, capable of realizing, renewing and transforming their universe. There is no secret or magic formula, just believe that you can do it!"

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